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Interested in a GridShare Installation?

A BPC electrician works with HSU students installing a device on the side of a building.

BPC electrician Phuntsho works with HSU students Meg Harper and Nathan Chase to install a GridShare.

Installing a new electricity system

Around the world, small scale renewable energy is bringing electricity to rural communities. Village-scale mini-grids are often plagued by brownouts, causing frustration, damage and continued dependence on biomass fuel. Installing GridShares with a new installation ensures maximum use of the new resources for the full system life. Email the GridShare Team if you are interested in including GridShares in your mini-grid development.

Maintaining an existing electricity system

Existing systems may be managing peak load problems either by allowing brownouts to occur or through the use of rolling blackouts. Either approach can lead to frustration, equipment damage, and lost economic opportunity. The GridShare program is a promising alternative to severe brownouts or rolling blackouts and can extend the useful life of an existing system while assuring high quality power. Email the GridShare Team if you are interested in retrofitting your grid with GridShares.

GridShare engineers Kyle Palmer and Chhimi Dorji install a GridShare in Bumiloo, Bhutan.

Electricians and engineers from the BPC partnered with the HSU team for the pilot installation in Rukubji, Bhutan.

When you contact us, it will be helpful to know:

With this information, we can engage in a conversation to determine if GridShares could improve your power supply. Projects in the near future will serve to further demonstrate and refine the technology.

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