Humboldt State University

Schatz Energy Research Center

Yurok Photovoltaic System

A SERC employee stands with Yurok tribe members in front of a newly-installed PV array.

The Yurok Reservation includes many homes in remote locations that do not have access to utility electric power. Of special concern to the Tribe are their elders, who live in some of the most isolated homes. In the summer of 2004, SERC collaborated with the Tribe to install a demonstration solar electric system at one of these homes. The system is nominally rated at 1.5 kW DC and is designed to produce an average of 4.5 kWh per day. The system was designed and installed by two HSU students serving as SERC summer interns, assisted by two Yurok Tribe high school students. The Tribe has continued to provide assistance to the residents of the home in maintaining the system since it was installed.