Benefits of Energy Efficiency and Renewables

Whether we install appliances that allow us to use energy more efficiently, or we install a system that generates renewable energy from the wind, water, or sun, the use of clean and renewable energy offers many benefits to our community and the planet. Energy efficiency and renewable energy systems can lower our energy bills, reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, and decrease our overall “environmental footprint.”

Weitchpec Tribal Office PV system

Many of our current energy supplies have serious environmental impacts. The use of coal in our power plants and petroleum in our vehicles is significantly changing the earth’s atmosphere and climate. Emissions from fossil fuel fired power plants and automobiles are polluting our air and endangering our health. Big dams on rivers are killing our fisheries. We need alternatives.

Energy efficiency and renewable energy offer many benefits, including lower energy costs, creation of local jobs, and reduced environmental impacts. However, that does not mean renewable energy technologies have zero environmental impacts. Even renewable energy projects need to be developed responsibly, and each project should be weighed on its own merits.

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