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Schatz Energy Research Center


Interns and National Park personell pose in front of a PV array.

UNPEPP 2006 interns Erin McDonald and Matt Smith (bottom right) and Park personnel pose with the newly installed PV array.

SERC and Partners Bring Renewable Energy to Redwood National and State Parks

In the spring of 2000, SERC initiated a collaboration with the University-National Park Energy Partnership Program (UNPEPP). UNPEPP linked national parks with university energy programs all over the United States. Students worked as summer interns in the parks, identifying opportunities to improve energy efficiency or use renewable energy. UNPEPP was jointly supported by the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Park Service. SERC’s participation in UNPEPP allowed us to forge a strong collaborative relationship with Redwood National and State Parks. Over the life of the program, this relationship gave thirteen engineering and science students from Humboldt State University the opportunity to build their skills and resumes while helping the Park to reduce its environmental impact through six separate projects. All of the students participated in data collection and system design, and in many cases, the students were able to perform hands-on hardware installation.

UNPEPP 2000: Prairie Creek State Park - Design of solar/fuel cell electric system for ranger residence and solar hot water and lighting for campground restroom. Final report (PDF; 1MB).

UNPEPP 2001: Wolf Creek Outdoor School - Design of a solar electric system, efficient outdoor lighting, and solar water and space heat for restrooms. Final report (PDF; 926K).

UNPEPP 2002, 2004 & 2005: Kuchel Visitor Center - Design and installation of a solar water heating system, design of a solar electric system and energy efficiency audit, and design and installation of interpretive materials. Final report 2002 (PDF; 332K) / Final report 2004 (PDF; 4.4MB) / Final brochure (PDF; 527KB) and Final sign (PDF; 2.36MB) 2005

UNPEPP 2006: Espa Lagoon Ranger Residence - Installation of a solar electric system. Final report (PDF; 1.2MB).

UNPEPP 2008: Redwood National and State Park Headquarters - Energy audit of park headquarters in Crescent City, CA, design of a solar electric system for park headquarters, and an emissions inventory for Redwood National and State Parks. Final report (PDF; 5.8MB)

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