Humboldt State University

Schatz Energy Research Center

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Safety and Awareness Training

A group of firefighters watch a presentation.

In order to promote the safe use of hydrogen as a transportation fuel and energy commodity, we need to educate and train industry professionals, emergency responders, government officials, permitting officials, and the general public about the promise of hydrogen and its safety characteristics. SERC is doing its part to spread the word. In recent years, we have developed and delivered hydrogen safety presentations to numerous groups.

SERC has developed a hydrogen awareness and safety training that has been delivered for numerous clients throughout the United States, including AC Transit, Chevron Technology Ventures, UTC Power/CT Transit, SunLine Transit, the City of Palm Desert, and SUNY Buffalo. The training explains how hydrogen energy can fit into our national energy picture, describes the use of hydrogen as a transportation fuel, discusses hydrogen safety and emergency response procedures, and covers hydrogen safety details for specific hydrogen energy facilities.

Our expertise in working safely with hydrogen energy systems comes from over 20 years of designing, installing, and operating systems, including fuel cell powered electric vehicles, stationary and portable fuel cell power systems, solar hydrogen energy systems, hydrogen generation and vehicle fueling facilities, and test stations for fuel cell research. By offering our services in hydrogen safety consulting and training to others, we have found a valuable way to share our expertise.