Humboldt State University

Schatz Energy Research Center


A smiling SERC engineer stands in a grassy field testing small solar panels.

SERC has completed dozens of research and demonstration projects over the years. Learn more about some of our recent work in these categories:

Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

SERC was founded on the idea of using hydrogen as a means of storing solar energy and fuel cells as an efficient means of converting this stored chemical energy back into electricity. We continue to work with these technologies, providing testing tools for other universities and research centers and integrating hydrogen energy into educational curriculum.


Our location in the forested northwest corner of California enjoys a wealth of woody biomass. For several years we have investigated and experimented with emerging technologies for efficiently using this resource to generate clean, renewable energy.

Energy Access: International Work

SERC collaborates with international partners to improve energy security across the globe. The scale of these programs ranges from individual village communities to large geographical regions, and currently includes projects in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

Policy and Analysis

SERC has participated in a number of projects in which we collect and analyze energy data, using this information to help policy makers meet community energy needs. We also conduct detailed feasibility studies for clients on their renewable energy options.

Learn more about SERC’s capabilities and experience by visiting our project archive.