SERC Returns to Redwood National Park

UNPEPP Interns with Ray Cozby

Redwood National and State Parks Chief of Facilities Management Ray Cozby with energy interns Jeffrey Hinton, Lucas Siegfried, and Teresa Persons. (Photo credit SERC).

Three HSU students spent their summer as SERC interns helping to reduce environmental impacts at Redwood National and State Parks. Funding for the collaboration was provided by the nationwide University-National Park Energy Partnership Program (UNPEPP). UNPEPP links national parks with university students to provide energy services to the parks and real-world problem solving opportunities for the students. This was SERC’s sixth UNPEPP-supported project at the Redwood parks since 2000.

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Coming Full Circle at Redwood National and State Parks

Espa Lagoon PV system

Interns Erin McDonald and Matthew Smith (lower right) pose with RNSP employees after successful installation of Espa Lagoon’s new PV system. (Photo Credit SERC)

In the spring of 2000, SERC initiated a collaboration with the University-National Park Energy Partnership Program (UNPEPP). This past summer, the SERC-UNPEPP relationship reached a new milestone with the completion of a renewable energy project six years in the making.

UNPEPP links national parks with university energy programs all over the United States. Students work as summer interns in the parks, identifying opportunities to improve energy efficiency or use renewable energy. Since the collaboration began, SERC and nearby Redwood National and State Parks (RNSP) have successfully completed five renewable energy-related projects, including design and installation of solar electric and solar hot water systems and energy efficiency analyses at various park facilities.

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