Humboldt State to Get Hydrogen Powered Toyota Prius

SERC Prius being delivered

The hydrogen powered Prius being delivered to SERC. (Photo Credit SERC)

In the spring of 2007, SERC is scheduled to receive a hydrogen powered Toyota Prius for use at Humboldt State University (HSU). The vehicle will be operated for a two-year period as part of California’s Hydrogen Highway Program. HSU President Rollin Richmond will be one of the vehicle operators. According to Rollin, “it will please him greatly” to drive a hydrogen powered vehicle. He has committed a location on campus for a hydrogen fueling station. Engineers from SERC are designing and will install the station, which will include an electrolyzer, compressor, storage tanks, and a dispenser. SERC has secured $350,000 toward equipment and materials for the station. SERC is also seeking additional partners to help fund the cost of facility design and installation, as well as education and outreach efforts associated with the project.

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