Graduate Studies in Energy, Environment, and Society

Article written by Arne Jacobson

Note: The title of the program was changed to Energy Technology and Policy, ETaP, in Fall 2011. The curriculum and program remain the same.

Stephen Kullmann taking pathfinder measurements at Rock Creek Ranch

EES graduate student Stephen Kullmann works on a renewable energy feasibility study for the Yurok Tribe. (Photo by Stephen Kullmann)

We are pleased to launch a new and exciting graduate program at Humboldt State University. This semester we welcomed the first class of students in the interdisciplinary “Energy, Environment, and Society” (EES) program. Students in EES earn a Master of Science (M.S.) degree in Environmental Systems with an emphasis in Energy, Environment, and Society. We begin this fall semester with a solid group of 10 graduate students, and we expect that the program will grow quickly from this initial base. You can check out the program at www.

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