University Hydrogen Curriculum Update

H2E3 Fuel Cell / Electrolyzer Kit

H2E3 Fuel Cell / Electrolyzer Kit (Photo credit Kellie Jo Brown)

SERC’s Hydrogen Energy in Engineering Education (H2E3) project continues to pick up steam. We are now building the first of the two fuel cell test stations we will make for use in undergraduate engineering labs. The stations will be temporarily installed on a rotating basis at California State University and University of California campuses over the next two years. After surveying available fuel cells from commercial suppliers, we decided to build our own stacks for use with the test stations. The stations and stacks will be completed during the coming months.

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HyTEC Update

HyTEC Fuel Cells

The commercial fuel cells tested for the HyTEC project.

SERC has been working with the Lawrence Hall of Science (LHS) at UC Berkeley since 2004 on the Hydrogen Technology and Energy Curriculum (HyTEC) project. The curriculum introduces hydrogen and fuel cells into high school chemistry and science courses. To date we have completed a curriculum module consisting of six activities. The module has been field tested in numerous schools throughout the country. The curriculum module is built around a laboratory kit that allows small groups of students to work with a bench top electrolyzer and fuel cell. Students generate hydrogen via electrolysis, use the hydrogen to operate a fuel cell and power an electric motor, and then measure the efficiency of the fuel cell. In the process they learn about electrochemistry and how a fuel cell works.

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