Solarizing the BLM Kaluna Cabin

BLM Kaluna Cabin PV Array

UNPEPP interns Matt Bray and Garren Sparks help install a PV for the BLM (Photo credit SERC).

This article was written by Matt Bray and Garren Sparks.

Recently the Bureau of Land Management contracted with SERC to design and install a photovoltaic (PV) system for the Kaluna Cabin. Located in California’s rugged King Range National Conservation Area in southwestern Humboldt County, the Kaluna Cabin overlooks the Kaluna cliffs and the mighty Pacific Ocean. Acquired by BLM in the 1990’s, the cabin is used to showcase the natural beauty and ecological importance of the area to visiting government officials, dignitaries, and non-profit groups. The cabin has no electricity, and propane is used for lighting, refrigeration, hot water, and cooking. BLM staff decided that an off-grid PV system to provide electricity for lighting and small electronics could improve the usability of the cabin as well as decrease fire hazards associated with using propane for lighting.

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