H2 Safety Training for UTC Power & CT Transit

SERC recently added UTC Power to their list of clients for whom they have provided hydrogen safety and awareness training. That list also includes Chevron, AC Transit, SunLine Transit, and the State University of New York at Buff alo.

UTC Power, a Connecticut-based company, has led an industry team to build New England’s fi rst fuel cell bus, which will be operated by CTTRANSIT. The bus will debut in Hartford in April. A $2.9 million Federal Transit Administration grant is paying for the bus and associated infrastructure development. The bus features a UTC Power PureMotion™ 120 kW fuel cell power system, a VanHool chassis, and a hybrid all-electric drive system integrated into the bus by ISE Research Corporation. The bus will be fueled at a new hydrogen fueling station at UTC Power, and will be housed and maintained at CT Transit’s central bus terminal.

SERC’s hydrogen safety and awareness training was delivered to mechanics at CT Transit who will be performing routine maintenance on the bus. The day before SERC arrived, CT Transit received the fuel cell power system and installed it in the bus with the help of UTC Power engineers. The fuel cell power module is essentially a plug-and-play system that was installed in a matter of hours. SERC also provided a hydrogen safety and awareness training to local first responders. The awareness training set a context for hydrogen as a transportation fuel and provided an overview of hydrogen technology. The safety training covered basic hydrogen safety concepts, presented details about the facilities and equipment associated with the project, and highlighted facility safety features and emergency response procedures.

About Jim Zoellick

James is a Senior Research Engineer at SERC. He has a B.S. Degree in Environmental Resources Engineering from Humboldt State University, and has worked professionally in the energy field since 1990. Since 1995 he has been a project manager at SERC and has been involved in the design, development, installation, and start-up of electrolytic hydrogen generation systems, hydrogen vehicle fueling stations, hydrogen fuel cell power systems, and solar electric power systems. Mr. Zoellick was the project manager and lead designer for both the Schatz Hydrogen Generation Center and the Zweig Education Building Fuel Cell System at SunLine Transit . Mr. Zoellick's additional work at SERC has included the development and demonstration of hydrogen fuel cell systems for real world applications, including vehicles and stationary, portable and remote power systems. Mr. Zoellick has also been involved in the design, installation, testing and modeling of photovoltaic energy systems, including the design and installation of a 2 kW AC grid-intertied system at the Campus Center for Appropriate Technology. Mr. Zoellick has taught several college level energy courses. He is the current chairman for the City of Arcata Energy Committee.