SERC Delivers Hydrogen Safety Trainings

ChinoTraining with Peter Lehman

Dr. Peter Lehman delivers a hydrogen safety training to Chino Valley firefighters. (Photo credit SERC)

In order to promote the safe use of hydrogen as a transportation fuel and energy commodity, we need to educate and train industry professionals, emergency responders, government officials, permitting officials, and the general public about the promise of hydrogen and its safety characteristics. SERC is doing its part to spread the word. In recent years, we have developed and delivered hydrogen safety presentations to numerous groups.

In November of 2005 we trained over one hundred Oakland, CA firefighters about the safety aspects of gaseous hydrogen fuel and the specific safety features associated with AC Transit’s hydrogen energy facilities. The trainings included a 45-minute classroom presentation and a facility walk-through.

In February of 2005 Chevron Corporation hired SERC to provide safety training to more than fifty firefighters in the Chino Valley Fire District at Chevron Hydrogen’s newly completed energy station at the Hyundai-Kia America Technical Center in Chino, CA.

Prior to taking on these projects, SERC built a solar powered hydrogen generation and fueling station and a stationary hydrogen fuel cell power system at SunLine Transit Agency in Thousand Palms, CA. As part of these projects, we conducted hydrogen safety and awareness trainings with SunLine staff. SERC also delivered a hydrogen safety training to the Riverside County First Responders in May of 2003 at SunLine headquarters.

Our expertise in working safely with hydrogen energy systems comes from more than 15 years of designing, installing, and operating systems, including fuel cell powered electric vehicles, stationary and portable fuel cell power systems, solar hydrogen energy systems, and hydrogen generation and vehicle fueling facilities. By offering our services in hydrogen safety consulting and training to others, we have found a valuable way to share our expertise. To learn more about how SERC can provide hydrogen awareness and safety training for your project or company, contact us at or 707-826-4345.

About Jim Zoellick

James is a Senior Research Engineer at SERC. He has a B.S. Degree in Environmental Resources Engineering from Humboldt State University, and has worked professionally in the energy field since 1990. Since 1995 he has been a project manager at SERC and has been involved in the design, development, installation, and start-up of electrolytic hydrogen generation systems, hydrogen vehicle fueling stations, hydrogen fuel cell power systems, and solar electric power systems. Mr. Zoellick was the project manager and lead designer for both the Schatz Hydrogen Generation Center and the Zweig Education Building Fuel Cell System at SunLine Transit . Mr. Zoellick's additional work at SERC has included the development and demonstration of hydrogen fuel cell systems for real world applications, including vehicles and stationary, portable and remote power systems. Mr. Zoellick has also been involved in the design, installation, testing and modeling of photovoltaic energy systems, including the design and installation of a 2 kW AC grid-intertied system at the Campus Center for Appropriate Technology. Mr. Zoellick has taught several college level energy courses. He is the current chairman for the City of Arcata Energy Committee.