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A SERC fuel cell stack with an external humidification system.

A SERC fuel cell stack with an external humidification system, built for Auburn University.

Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell

U.S. Patent No. 5,879,826
ISSUED March 9, 1999
Lehman et al.


A polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell using hydrogen as the fuel and oxygen containing air as the oxidant. The fuel cell including a hydrogen side electrode; an air side electrode; an electrolyte positioned between the electrodes; a hydrogen diffuser/collector plate including hydrogen channels; and an air diffuser/collector plate including air channels. A method of operation of the fuel cell including introducing hydrogen into the hydrogen channels and introducing air into the air channels at a pressure of less than 5 psig and with a channel velocity of between about 0.15 and 7.0 meters/second.

Humidification of a PEM Fuel Cell by Air-Air Moisture Exchange

U.S. Patent No. 6,403,249 B1
ISSUED June 11, 2002


An apparatus and method for humidifying a fuel cell flows moisture-containing fuel cell exhaust against a first side of a humidification membrane. A second side of the humidification membrane is in physical contact with the inlet air flow. Moisture from the exhaust air is transferred across the humidification membrane to the inlet air flow. The humidified inlet air flow conveys moisture to the power section of the fuel cell. In this manner, fuel cell components requiring humidification, for example a proton exchange membrane, are prevented from becoming dehydrated and inoperable.

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